With the advent of the new era technology, we are currently in the midst of a revolution. With the evolution of virtual systems and modern devices, we seek to make our lives easier, portable, and convenient. As the name suggests, Automation and Robotics is a branch of engineering which revolves around creating robots and machines that are programmed to work automatically. 

Automation and Robotics line of engineering majorly relies on the principle of artificial intelligence and encompasses the process involved from designing the prototype to building the final resourceful output. Candidates who are fascinated by the idea of robotic mechanics are most suitable for this course. In India, Automation and Robotics is an upcoming branch of ngineerig with a lot of scope for growth in future. Industries like education, nuclear science, and aviation etc. can be benefited a great deal from the developments in Automation and Robotics course. 

Scope of Automation and Robotics in India and Abroad

The scope and suitability of pursuing a course in Automation and Robotics have increased manifold in the current times. We are all moving towards a society where artificial intelligence is taking over a major share of many departments which otherwise included manual and tedious work.  Coupled with Automation and Robotics, this industry is ready to touch its peak with factors like software development, computer integrated manufacturing system, digital electronics, and microprocessors. Currently, graduates and postgraduates are hired vastly by private employers working in the manufacturing sector. 

Recently drone technologies have also turned up, and major International firms are trying to devise methodologies to gather information through them. The various military organisations have also started incorporating personnel from the Automation and Robotics sector into their development to make the most out of this new, modern age technology. Hence the scope and suitability of Automation and Robotics are expanding. This system is also widely used in dropping large materials from one place to another. According to sources, the growth potential of Automation and Robotics will just increase over time due to the current need. 


Course Subjects


A list of the subjects studied by students pursuing Automation and Robotics are  given below: 

  1. Computational Geometry

  2. Computer-aided Manufacturing

  3. Industrial Robotics

  4. Automation

  5. Biocybernetics

  6. Digital Electronics And Microprocessors

  7. Design And Control

  8. Robot Manipulators

  9. Air Traffic And Management Systems

  10. Artificial Intelligence

  11. Signal Processing

  12. Medical Robotics

  13. Robot Motion Planning

  14. Computer Integrated Manufacturing System 

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