BE Aeronautical Engineering is an undergraduate degree which deals with the study of Aircraft and the Technology behind it. Some of the jobs that graduates pursue are Aeronautical Engineer, Software Engineering, Pilot, Design Engineer, Aircraft Engineer and so on.

BE Aeronautical Engineering is an undergraduate degree program that deals with the study of aircraft and its technology behind it. This bachelor's degree provides an overall view of Aircraft, Programming, Technologies etc. After completing the course, the graduates are usually hired as Professor, Analysis Engineer, Instructor/Assistant Instructor, Design Engineer, Corporate Trainer cum Design Engineer, System Safety Management Engineer, Aerospace Chief Engineer etc.

The BE Aeronautical Engineering graduates can find jobs in areas like Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Paramilitary Forces, Circor Inc, Honeywell International Inc., Infosys Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services Limited etc.

Aerospace Chief Engineer:-  Aerospace Engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches: Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering. Avionics engineering is similar but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.


Semester I

Semester II

Mathematics I

Mathematics II

Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics II


Material Science

Basics of Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

Aeronautics and Aviation

Basics of Electronics Engineering

Physics Lab

Physics Labs




Practical Lab - Electronics



Semester III

Semester IV

Mathematics III

Propulsion System

Aircraft Structure I

Aircraft Structure II

Elements of Aeronautics

Fundamentals of Gas Turbine Engines

Aircraft Performance

Turning Performance Study

Body Design I

Body Design II

Fluid Dynamics in Aircraft

Aerodynamics I

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab


Design and Drafting Lab

Aerodynamics Lab



Semester V

Semester VI

Aerodynamics II

Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering

Aircraft Structure III

Heat Transfer

Aircraft Stability and Control

Maintenance of Aircraft II

Elective I

Elective II

Missile Propulsion


Control of Aircraft

Total Quality Management

Maintenance of Aircraft I

Avionics Lab

Propulsion Lab I




Semester VII

Semester VIII

Safety of Aircraft

Project and Viva-voce

Control Engineering

GPS Technologies

Emergency Operations

Air Traffic Control

High-Temperature Materials

Personnel Management

Elective Subject III


Minor Project


Aircraft System Lab


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