B.Sc. Anaesthesia & OT technology is a course which provides in depth knowledge & skills for working as an assistant to the consultant anaesthesiologist as well as assisting in preparation of operation theatre before & during an elective or emergency surgery. 

Career opportunities:

  • In Operation Theatre Department as an Anesthesia and Operation Theatre Technologist - Private and government hospitals.
  • Work as an Anesthesia Technologist in tertiary care hospitals in India and Abroad
  • Anaesthetist Consultant or Assistant- Anaesthetist Consultant or assistant is a professional who advises the right anaesthesia level and dosage for the patient during the procedure or surgery..
  • In the pre-hospital setting, as a member in Emergency Medical Services Associate Consultant- Associate consultant provides services to the clients and supports the chief consultant by leading the projects (EMS)
  • As an EMT in Air ambulances, wilderness response, industrial services and offshore response.
  • Teaching faculty and capable of opting for higher studies and research.


Course Structure:

First Semester Subjects Second Semester Subjects Third Semester Subjects
General Anatomy(Section A) & General Physiology(Section B)
Fundamentals of surgery and instrumentation
Constitution of India
Patient Contact Protocol
General Biochemistry(section A) & General Pathology (section B)
Introduction to Anaesthesia
Environmental Science and Health
OT sterilization & Disinfection
Basics of Anaesthesia
Perioperative Diagnostic procedures
General microbiology ( section A) & General Pharmacology (section B)
Computer Application / Programming
Cardiovascular Life Support (BLS,ACLS & FBAO)
Basics of Anaesthesia
Fourth Semester Subjects Fifth Semester Subjects Sixth Semester Subjects
Medicine relevant to Anaesthesia
General Anaesthetic & Pharmacology
Applied Pharmacology
Medical Psychology
Techniques of Drug Therapy
Sports / Arts
Patient monitoring and vital Handling
Applied Surgery
Critical Care Medicine
Peri- anaesthetics management
Open elective subjects
Specialty Anaesthesia
Emergency Medicine & Critical Care
Biostatistics and Research Methodology
Open elective subjects
Seventh Semester Subjects Eighth Semester Subjects
Internship and research project Internship and research project

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