A BSc BEd four-year integrated degree is an ideal alternative for you if you want to teach technical and applied science courses. Students can begin this program immediately after completing their 10+2 board exams in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects. If you studied commerce or humanities in 10+2, you are not qualified to pursue a BSc BEd course. A BSc BEd is a dual degree that contains both a BSc and a BEd where a BSc is an undergraduate degree program in science that stands for Bachelor of Science, while a BEd stands for Bachelor of Education. Candidates can only pursue a bachelor’s degree in education (BEd) after the successful completion of an undergraduate degree program. As previously stated, a BSc BEd is a four-year degree that leads to certification as a primary, secondary, or high school teacher. If you don't wish to teach at a school, you can get an MSc or a master's degree in any field that you qualify for. If you studied biology or took the PCB stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) option in 10+2, you can also study the BSc BEd integrated course.

Since BSc BEd is a four-year integrated course, it will save your time because if you will study both the degree courses separately, then it will cost you five years ( 3 years of BSc course plus two years of BEd course). So, the BSc BEd aspirants can save one year by pursuing a BSc BEd integrated dual degree program.

The BSc BEd is a four-year undergraduate dual degree that combines a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education into one integrated program. The primary goal of the BSc BEd integrated course is to teach a comprehensive understanding of a variety of science areas, including physics, math, chemistry, botany, and zoology. BSc BEd students will gain theoretical knowledge in the field of science as well as problem-solving abilities as part of the course. The BSc BEd course allows students to combine Science and Education in four years, saving them one year of study time. Students interested in pursuing a career in teaching science or other subjects can enroll in the BSc BEd course, which offers an understanding of teaching expertise and pedagogies. Depending on the institute, students can enroll in a BSc BEd dual degree program by direct admission or through an entrance examination. To pursue a dual degree in the BSc BEd program, you must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board.

The BSc BEd program is aimed to equip future teachers for nation-building in accordance with UGC and NCTE criteria. During these four years, BSc BEd students earn their science degree along with their education degree. The BSc BEd program is aimed to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in a variety of science fields, as well as problem-solving skills. A twenty-week internship program, which includes four weeks of observation in schools to provide realistic experiences and improve the BSc BEd integrated program's practical aptitude to strengthen BSc BEd students' experiential knowledge.


Year 1:

  • Physics I
  • Chemistry I
  • Mathematics I
  • Biology I
  • Education I
  • Environmental Studies

Year 2:

  • Physics II
  • Chemistry II
  • Mathematics II
  • Biology II
  • Education II
  • ICT in Education

Year 3:

  • Physics III
  • Chemistry III
  • Mathematics III
  • Biology III
  • Education III
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy

Year 4:

  • Physics IV
  • Chemistry IV
  • Mathematics IV
  • Biology IV
  • Education IV
  • Research Methodology and Dissertation



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