B.Sc. Clinical psychology is an undergraduate program offered by college of Allied Health Sciences. The course aims to teach students the basic understanding of psychology with emphasis on emerging fields and branches of psychology. Major emphasis will be given on Clinical aspects of psychology.

About the Course:

One of the unique courses offered by Srinivas university, addressing aspects of clinical psychology in the undergraduate level. The specialty of the course is such that it has been designed to view psychology from a scientific perspective which enhances empherical knowledge development and application in the field. Although ‘psychology’ as field is humanistic and person centered having a clinical objective view, increases the efficiency and develops students’ horizon. Along with immense opportunities for exposure, supplemented with field visits and internships, students will be provided multi- faceted growth.

Special features:

• Clinical exposure in Psychiatry and psychology department attached to Srinivas Hospital.
• Competent and highly skilled psychologists and psychiatrists to impart requisite knowledge and skills thus developing independent professionals.
• Skill development and training for various competitive exams in the field of psychology.
• Seminars, webinars, group discussions and extra-curricular activities to enhance all-round development of students.
• Knowledge regarding appropriate job opportunities in the field.

Career opportunities:

• Human Resource Manager
• Psychology Assistant
• Psychologist
• Childcare Mental Counselor
• Research Scholar


Semester Subjects
1st Semester Introduction &History of Psychology Basic Psychological processes Physiological Psychology – Part I Practicals Medical terminology (Subsidiary Subject) Kannada Language (Subsidiary Subject)
2nd Semester Biological Psychology Advanced Psychological Processes Physiological Psychology – Part II Practicals Health Care (Subsidiary Subject) English Language (Subsidiary Subject)
3rd Semester Life Span development – Part 1 Cognitive Psychology Neuro Psychology Practicals Computer application (Subsidiary Subject) Environment science (Subsidiary Subject)
4th Semester Life Span Development – Part II Social Psychology Cultural Psychology Practicals Statistics & Research Methodology (Sub. Subj) Constitution of India(Subsidiary Subject)
5th Semester Industrial and Organizational Psychology Abnormal Psychology – Part I Counselling and Psychotherapy – Part I Practicals Elective 1 (Psychology of Marketing and Advertising/Forensic Psychology) Medical Ethics
6th Semester

Health Psychology Abnormal Psychology – Part II Counselling and Psychotherapy – Part II Practicals Elective 2(Sports Psychology/ Positive Psychology) Hospital Management


After 6 semesters, students will have to do internship for 6 months and submit a project as part of the course.

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