EMT means Emergency Medical Technology which deals with the emergency medical care and support to those people who are actually injured.

Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) Courses are usually done at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. These online certifications can be mostly audited for free and a certificate can be obtained by the payment of a fee.

Candidates can apply for any type of EMT Course on the official website of EMT Course where they can fill an application form. There is no entrance exam required for this course, but they should have the physical ability to perform medical functions. 

EMT Course is a medical course in which required skills and knowledge for handling medical equipment for patient care is necessary. They are responsible for planning and managing all the activities of emergency medical technology. It is quite new in India, so it has not yet developed on a high level but is expected to increase by 12% in the next ten years. India needs many medical doctors, so the students have a better opportunity to register themselves for top institutes for this Course. This Course is available in Offline as well as Online Mode as some websites are providing online learning facility to this Course.


  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Emergency Medical Care Principles and Practices
  3. Medical Terminology
  4. Pharmacology and Drug Administration
  5. Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  6. Trauma Management and Critical Care
  7. Emergency Radiology and Imaging
  8. Medical Ethics and Legal Issues in Emergency Medicine
  9. Disaster Management and Mass Casualty Incidents
  10. Medical Equipment and Technology in Emergency Medicine

In addition to these topics, students may also be required to complete clinical rotations and hands-on training in emergency medical settings. It is also common for students to receive training in communication and interpersonal skills, as effective communication is essential in the field of emergency medicine.

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