BSc Nursing is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on providing students with the knowledge and abilities they will need to work as nurses in the future and have a positive impact on the medical community. The candidates receive training in nursing and midwifery according to the National Health Policy 2002 criteria.

BSc Nursing full form stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSc Nursing course duration is generally for 4 years, that aims to acquire the critical carecritical thinkingcompetency, and values required for professional nursing and midwifery practice.

The B.Sc Nursing syllabus and subjects are designed to ensure that the students have access to all the vital information such as Genetics, Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, etc. B.Sc Nursing job scope is extensive, giving students employment opportunities in both public and private sectors.

Students can pursue B.Sc Nursing courses full-time, part-time or distance mode according to their choice. Listed below are the types of B.Sc Nursing courses.

Full-Time B.Sc Nursing

B.Sc Nursing is a full-time four years degree course. In the full-time course, students will learn from classroom-based learning and will have access to interesting projects and assignments and can discuss with peers and faculty.

Part-Time B.Sc Nursing

Part-time B.Sc Nursing course is designed for students who cannot attend regular classes, that entail weekend or night classes or online classes, depending on the type of course. The advantage of the part-time B.Sc Nursing course is that students can pursue this course while simultaneously being engaged in employment, research, etc.

Distance B.Sc Nursing

Distance B.Sc Nursing courses are designed for students who can't afford to attend on-campus classes and those who are involved in some form of employment. There are many universities offering distance education for students.



The B.Sc Nursing subjects from the first-year syllabus are detailed below:

B.Sc Nursing First year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Anatomy  Physiology
Biochemistry Nutrition
Microbiology Introductions to Computers
English Psychology

B.Sc Nursing Second Year Syllabus

The B.Sc Nursing subjects in the second-year syllabus are detailed below:

B.Sc Nursing Second year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Sociology Pharmacology
Pathology Genetics
Surgery Community Health (Practical work)

B.Sc Nursing Third Year Syllabus

The B.Sc Nursing subjects from the third-year syllabus are detailed below:

B.Sc Nursing Third Year Syllabus
Semester V Semester VI
Child Health Mental Health
Practical Work Self-Study
Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing English

B.Sc Nursing Fourth Year Syllabus

The B.Sc Nursing subjects from the fourth-year syllabus are detailed below:

B.Sc Nursing Fourth Year Syllabus
Semester VII Semester VIII
Nursing Research and Statistics Management of Nursing Services and Education
Internship (Integrated Practice) Medical-Surgical Nursing (Adult and Geriatrics)
Research Project  Research Project

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