GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery is 3 year course followed by 6 months of mandatory internship dealing with the nursing practice of a niche segment like maternity care, post-trauma, rehabilitation, mental care, data collection etc. There are 1,00,930 Nursing seats in 1936 Nursing Colleges in India. GNM Admission takes place through Entrance Exams conducted by State Governments. There is no central exam for GNM Admission. Students need to study Science in class 12 in order to be eligible for GNM Admission.     

GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery is a 3.5 years duration course that is commonly also known as GNM Nursing. It is a diploma-level course, suitable for those who want to pursue a career in clinical nursing.

The 3.5 years of GNM Nursing course duration are divided into 3 years of education and 6 months of mandatory internship. Students get to do internships in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and even Private Medical Firms and Companies. This is suitable for those who are interested in assisting sick people and helping doctors in various hospitals.

GNM Nursing courses play an important role in the healthcare sector particularly in times like now. Vocational training enables students to assist the needs of the patients with the help of clinical methodologies.

The work requires administering the patients and assisting the doctors to provide care for society.

The curriculum of a GNM Nursing course is specifically designed to train students to become fully-fledged nursing professionals. It has a mixture of both theoretical and on-ground training for the candidates which helps them acquire basic skills.


First Year Syllabus
Anatomy and Physiology Microbiology
Psychology Sociology
Fundamentals of Nursing First Aid
Nursing Foundation-Practical Community Health Nursing - I
Environmental Hygiene Community Health Nursing I - Practical--
Health Education and Communication skills Nutrition
English Computer Application
Second Year Syllabus
Medical Surgical Nursing – I Medical Surgical Nursing – II
Mental Health Nursing Child Health Nursing
Third Year Syllabus
Midwifery Gynecological Nursing
Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing Practical Community Health Nursing - II

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