Focusing on employability and enhancing your abilities, this course will help develop your analytical and numerical skills for critical evaluation and critical appraisal, problem identification and problem-solving skills as well as effective interpersonal and team-building skills. It will also help you to better articulate your skills, abilities and achievements to create a personal development portfolio for use in your CV and job applications. This makes the Global MBA course perfect for early career professionals and graduates.

Emphasis is placed on gaining an advanced and applied understanding of the key aspects of international business, enabling you to critically evaluate and adapt to a wide range of Business and Management issues within a global context.

Key features

  • An early career MBA, ideal for recent graduates or those with no managerial experience.
  • A key focus of the course is on enhancing transferable skills, as well as helping you to articulate your abilities and achievements in a way to grab employers’ attention when applying for jobs.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive business talks and events, enabling you to build a network of industry contacts.
  • Take advantage of access to the Innovation Centre and its free informative events, business surgeries and networking sessions for all entrepreneurial students interested in innovation or wanting to start their own business.


  1. Business Strategy and Management: This course focuses on the principles of strategic management and the development of business strategies. Topics covered may include competitive analysis, industry analysis, strategic decision-making, and organizational design.

  2. Marketing Management: This course covers the principles of marketing, including market analysis, product development, branding, and customer behavior.

  3. Financial Management: This course covers financial planning and analysis, including topics such as financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, risk management, and corporate finance.

  4. Operations Management: This course covers the principles of operations management, including process design, quality control, supply chain management, and logistics.

  5. Human Resource Management: This course covers the principles of human resource management, including recruitment, selection, performance management, and employee development.

  6. International Business: This course covers the principles of international business, including cultural differences, global marketing, global supply chains, and multinational corporations.

  7. Leadership and Ethics: This course covers the principles of leadership and ethics in business, including leadership styles, organizational behavior, and corporate social responsibility.

  8. Entrepreneurship: This course covers the principles of entrepreneurship, including startup formation, business planning, financing, and risk management.

  9. Business Analytics: This course covers the principles of data analysis and its application in business decision-making. Topics covered may include statistical analysis, data mining, and business intelligence.

  10. Innovation and Technology Management: This course covers the principles of innovation and technology management, including product development, innovation strategy, and technology commercialization.


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