MBA in Finance stream imparts knowledge on management, control and review of the collection, investment, and resources of money. This course opens up various opportunities in the financial world allowing the aspirant to learn and earn by analysing company reports, forecasting business trends, maximising stock values and profitability, minimising financial risks and manage capital investment. MBA Finance is offered by all top MBA institutes in india either as a specialisation or elective course in the second year of the degree programme. MBA Finance requires a strong background inMathematics  and Accounting. Career prospects after completing MBA in Finance are many and rewarding.  

MBA in Finance degree equips an individual with the ability, knowledge, and techniques to perform various finance-related tasks, which in turn make them a great resource for the corporate as well as government sector. MBA in Finance graduates can find lucrative jobs specifically in the stock markets, audit agencies, and taxation firms. They can also set up their own business. Thescope of MBA in FInance is vast globally as there are many reputed institutes that offer international finance programs as well. Read below all about MBA in Finance.


Semester I Semester II
Micro Economics Financial Modeling
Corporate Social Responsibility Supply Chain Management
Principles of Accounting Business Intelligence
Principles of Marketing Management  Strategic Management
Tools and Frameworks for Decision Making Managerial Economics
Quantitative Methods and Statistics Marketing Research
Business Communication And Soft skills Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Organizational Behaviour-1  Corporate Finance-2


Semester III Semester IV
Macro Economics Internship Projects
Business Law Project Submissions
Operations Management Organization Behaviour-2 
Corporate Management Marketing Management
Optimization and Project Research Project Management

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