MBA in International Business is one of the popular specialisations in management education. The programme opens up the path to a career in global trade and business.

Global companies developing businesses across countries have created a diverse and competitive workforce that can run businesses internationally. Companies focused on taking businesses on the global platform require the acumen to compete internationally. Companies that are aiming to expand and establish their business in a foreign country require professionals that are trained to deal with international scenarios and are knowledgeable about the concepts and theories that can be helpful for business’ establishment. Companies need trained professionals in advisory, managerial and business development roles to spread their wings internationally. In India, this need for such a workforce has given rise to the popularity of MBA in International Business.

Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of MBA in International Business is that candidates with this degree are favoured by multinational companies during recruitment. These factors and the chance to travel/work abroad add to the motive of pursuing MBA in International Business at the post-graduate level.


MBA in International Business Syllabus and Subjects

International Trade Operations & Documentation

International Marketing Management

International Economics

International Trade Logistics & Sourcing

International Business Strategy

International Financial Management

International Contract Management

Crisis Management

Management of Shipping Services

Agri-Commodity Trading (ACT)

Managing Global Compliance in Exports

Customs Procedure in GST Regime

Risk Management in International Trade

Sectoral Strategies for Exports

Global Leadership Strategies

International Human Resource Management Practices

Labour Laws & Industrial Relations

International Investment Treaties & Business Decisions


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