M.Pharm is a 2-year long postgraduate course that deals with the various tenets of pharmaceutical science. Areas of study in the M.Pharm course duration include medical natural product, organic chemistry, biopharmaceutics, clinical research of drugs, and pharmacoeconomics. After the completion of the M.Pharm course, various job roles are available to students. Some of the common job roles are Research Analyst, Drug Analyst, Medical Coder, etc.

M.Pharm is one of the most diversified career opportunities available for a student.  To better understand ‘What is M.Pharm?’ and ‘Why choose M.Pharm?’, we need to look at the next three questions:

M.Pharm is a 2-year long postgraduate course specializing in the field of pharmaceutical science. M. Pharm full form stands for Master of Pharmacy. The course is designed in a manner so as to create professionals for various areas such as drug control, medicinal research, pharmacy, food administration, etc.  The job roles available after Master of Pharmacy graduation are Drug Control Officer, Food and Health Officer, Lecturer, etc.


An M.Pharm graduate finds job opportunities in a variety of fields and organizations. Depending upon the skill set and the area of specialization, employment opportunities are offered to the individual. Both the public and the private sector organizations offer ample opportunities to graduates of Master of Pharmacy.

Medical Writer: They are experts in both medical research terminologies and language control. There is a thorough implementation of research by doing background research and also includes working with professionals in the field to gain expertise on the subject.


Semester I

Semester II

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Modern Pharmaceutics II

Organic Chemistry

Entrepreneurship Management

Cellular Pharmacology

Systemic Pharmacology

Medical Natural Product Chemistry

Industrial Pharmacy

Modern Pharmaceutics


Biopharmaceutics Lab

Pharmaceutics Chemistry

Open Elective I

Open Elective II



Semester III

Semester IV

Pharmaceutical Science Seminar



Project Evaluation

Introductory Seminar on Dissertation


Project Work

Project Work II

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