BSc Cardiac care Technology is a course which trains students to apply their skills in conducting Electrocardiograms, Echocardiographs and assisting the Physician in Cardiac catheterization procedures. The course is designed in such a way that the students will become experts in various diagnostic modalities related to cardiovascular diseases as well as analysing the results of the various tests.


  • Cardiac care technology use a varity of procedures , instruments and technologies to diagnose and treat cardiac and vascular problems
  • Cardiac care technologists use various imaging modalities to assist the physician in detecting the problems in heart.
  • Students learn to record ECG, operate Echo machine as well as assist the cardiologist in cath labs.
  • They perform electrocardiograms (EKGS) ,
  • Exercise stress test(TMT)
  • Echocardiography (Cardiac ultrasound)
  • Cardiac catheterization techniques
  • Other types of invasive and non – invasive procedures
  • Advanced life support techniques like intra aortic balloon pump ,
  • pacemakers, ICDs , CRTS , LVADs.


Duration shall be for a period of Four years, which includes six semesters and one year of internship and concepts in cardio vascular areas.

  • Duration :- Certification Courses – One Year (Two Semester)
  • Diploma Courses – Two Year (Four Semester)
  • Bachelor Degree Courses – Three Year (Six Semester)
  • Bachelor Degree with Honours Courses – Four Year (Eight Semester)

Cardiac care technologist at private and government hospital
Cardiac sonographers at clinics and hospitals
Cathlab technologist at hospitals
ECG,TMT, Holter monitoring etc.
If they specialise in Echocardiography they may operate ultrasound equipment to take a close look at the chambers, valves & vessels of human heart .
On the other hand a technologist can assist doctors by working in cardiac catheterisation laboratory & help doctors to diagnose heart issues.
Cardiovascular technologist needs the ability to communicate technical information clearly to patients of all ages, must be patient & who will be undergoing to be able to calm patients who will be undergoing potentially uncomfortable & intimidating procedures.
Employment growth for cardiovascular technologists will be much faster than the average for all occupations
Taking a postgraduate (M.Sc) course and P.H.D after this course



Semester Subjects
1st Semester General Anatomy ,general Physiology
Introduction to cvt part 1
Constitution of india
Patient contact protocol
2nd Semester General biochemistry, General Pathology
Introduction to cvt part 2
Environment science and helath
General sterilization and disinfection
3rd Semester General microbiology, general pharmacology
Basics of ECG
Diagnostics and therapeutics in cardiology
Computer application/programming
Clinical practical skills 1
Sports and arts
4th Semester Advanced ECG
Applied pathology
Cardiac pharmacology
Medical psychology
Clinical practical skills 2
Sports and arts
5th Semester Basics of echocardiography
Basics of cardiac catheterization and intervention
Basics in clinical cardiology
6th Semester Advanced echocardiography
Advanced cardiac catheterization and intervention
Advanced clinical cardiology

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