B.Sc Physician Assistant job scope in India is very wide for graduates of this course in both the private and government sector. The scope goes far and beyond for students as the course helps them gain a lot of needed knowledge and experience to help them succeed in their career paths. B.Sc Physician Assistant is a wanted and in-demand course for students all across the country, due to its wide variety of job scope for graduates. 

B.Sc Physician Assistant career opportunities are available in various industries. This science course introduces students to the concepts relating to the medical profession. Students get an opportunity to learn about all the essential aspects of working in hospitals, health care services or clinics. They can work under doctors where they have the responsibility to assist in important surgeries and operations. Below are some of the popular job role for Bsc Physician Assistant graduates: 

  • Assistant physician cardiology
  • Clinical associate
  • Dietician
  • Drug safety associate
  • Medical assistant
  • Ortho physician assistant
  • Patient care technician
  • Teacher
  • Family health care physician
  • Consultant
  • Nutritionist


Semester I

Semester II





Practical Workshops

Practical Workshops


Semester III

Semester IV

 Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Pharmacology

Hospital Management

Medical Ethics

Anesthesia for Specialty Surgeries

Practical Workshops


Semester V

Semester VI

Principles of Anesthesia

Basics of Surgery



Work Placement

Work Placement

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